caribbean houses design

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caribbean houses design

caribbean houses design -

What would we be able to do as a general public to improve our physical condition and make our homes greener?
The individuals who are ongoing occupants of the City of Miami don't have a clue what it resembled to live here or in the Caribbean in the 1950's or 60's. My family used to come and excursion here during the 60's. We had originated from Cuba in 1961 and climbed north, yet we came here on more than one occasion per year in the midst of a furlough.
In the 50's or in the mid 60's nobody had focal cooling. A great many people would have window or divider A/C units in their homes. Also, numerous houses did not have cooling by any means.
So how were houses planned at that point? Indeed, most houses were intended for good cross ventilation. They had either jalousie or shade windows. Both of these enabled the whole window to be opened for breezes to come through, rather than single-hung or even sliding windows which just open midway. Roofs were high and regularly had roof fans. Albeit most houses had no protection, between the high roof and cross ventilation the mid year heat was tolerable. In spots like Cuba where there were dependably crosswinds from the sea, the summers were significantly increasingly lovely.
I recall when I inhabited the sorority house at Georgia Tech in Atlanta while going to design school, there was no cooling in the house. We made due with an entire house extractor fan on the second floor, and truly, more often than not, this took out a large portion of the warmth in the house, making the sorority house very bearable, notwithstanding amid Atlanta's moist summer days.
Another detail which great planners mulled over was the introduction of the house and security of the dividers and windows. In our Southeast locale of the US, the sun is never in the north with the exception of amid some days in the winter. The sun ascends in the east and sets in the west and goes a little toward the south as it goes over the sky from east to west from dawn to dusk. This implies the east, west, and south exposures of a house need overhangs. Windows on the west should be kept away from as western sun is the most sultry of the day. Furthermore, the sun throws profound shadows. Being by these windows is entirely awkward toward the evening. Windows on the eastern introduction are most invited as the sun in the early morning is extremely charming.
How are most houses planned at this point? They disregard the majority of this.
Cooling is the greatest client of power in any home. The following greatest client is the water radiator. On the off chance that we are to make a genuine gouge into what the run of the mill property holder utilizes in power, at that point a few things need to change in home plan. Generally we need to return to what's to come.
Back to the Future
There are some basic things we need to change to better the vitality utilization of a run of the mill Miami living arrangement:
Plan the house as if it won't run the A/C all the time all day, every day. This implies ensuring the house is situated accurately with great cross ventilation. Think about structuring a house around a yard. Plan on high roofs and vast windows. Plan on roof fans in each living space of the house. At that point, don't run the A/C day in and day out. Open the windows and appreciate the Miami characteristic winter condition.
Vigorously protect the upper room space (R-30 least). Warmth comes into a house for the most part through the rooftop. Just about 3% gets through the dividers. For the Miami are this implies unassuming protection in the dividers is sufficient (R-6 for every 2007 Florida Building Code (FBC]).
On the off chance that conceivable, put the A/C pipes in a cooled space. This will boost the productivity of the A/C. The 2007 FBC, which is the code which has been received by the City of Miami and is authorized state-wide, requires R-6 protection for channel in non-cooled spaces.
On the off chance that the house will have a water radiator with a tank, ensure that the water warmer is introduced with a clock so it doesn't run throughout the day. Miami is never cold, so the water radiator can deliver incredible high temp water in 15 minutes. There is no compelling reason to run the water radiator throughout the day.
Ensure the house has overhangs where required. In the Miami territory that implies in the southern, eastern, and western exposures. In some cases shading gadgets, for example, louvers and screens can be included too.
Consider putting a few trees near the house to give shading. This is a successful method for reducing the presentation of the rooftop to the sun. This, independent from anyone else, will lessen the temperature around and in the house by a few degrees. What's more, if in the meantime, we can utilize local finishing for the Miami region which are dry season safe, at that point water utilization can likewise be reduced.
In conclusion, think about putting secured patios, trellises, pergolas, or potentially yards around the house to use in the South Florida winter. So while every other person is frosty in the north, you can reveal to yourself how splendid you are for having picked Miami as your home!

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